Monday, October 1, 2012

DAY 1: Back to back challenge!

Hello ladies! Today is October 1, how time surely flies! I will be starting my back to back 30 day challenge! :)

Make up Challenge- DAY 1
When did you start putting on makeup?

Hmmm... I can't actually remember the first time I put on make up, but I always remember that when I was a lot younger I was frequently joining the "Sagala" during Flores de Mayo or become a flower girl for wedddings and my mom would put make up on me. :) I would also be made to wear make up during graduation pictures (elementary and high school) or during prom. But the first time I put make up on my own was when I was already in 2nd year college, I remember that all of my college friends gave me make up as gifts during my debut (maybe I looked so "manang" back then... hmmm...) so I decided to try putting make up on...  I actually started with putting on purple cream eye shadow every single day! haha

30 Day Challenge- DAY 1
Day 1 - A photo that makes you happy

I actually don't have a specific photo which makes me happy. Aside from looking at family photos, pictures with the bf, I guess looking at photos of my puppies always make me happy! Whenever i feel gloomy I just open my phone or ipod and browse thru my albums and look at all my pics! :)

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