Saturday, October 27, 2012

OOTD: 10/27/12

Hello lovelies! Remember my blog post last week regarding an invite for a Makeup party? (click here to read it if you haven't! hihi ) Well, the event was held yesterday! :) The theme of the party was "Party Chic", when we were contacted by Ms. Ana who is the Liason officer of E'BTG, she told us that although there is no specific color theme, it would be best if we could wear pink to the event. 

I was literally pulling out all of my pink clothes out of my clothes' box just to find that perfect pink dress to wear! :)  I actually wasn't too sure about the party chic theme so I had to google it... It was supposed to be not too formal neither too casual... :) I had a specific look in mind which was to wear a mullet type of dress, and I didn't have one unfortunately, so my bf had this idea of going to divi! :) And lo and behold different types of skirts to choose from! But I decided to stick with the look that I originally thought of... so here was the the outfit I wore...

Top- Actually a dress from RIOT. Pink Tube dress with see-thru lace details. 
Skirt- Black mullet skirt from Divi.
Shoes- Montego Bay Club
Belt- From my mom's closet... hihi

Notice the watermark? hihi My blogger friend Svetlani who also came to the event told me to put watermarks on my photos... I know I am supposed to do this so as to prevent others from copying my photos and posting it as their own but I am just too plain lazy at times, so hopefully from now on I will be able to do this for all of my pictures! :)

For my LOTD to complete this look, I put my hair up in a semi high pony tail with a pouf on the front.

Face: Celeteque hydration moisturizer
          Encara BB Cream
          L'Oreal True Match foundation
Eyes: Virginia Olsen in Diamond cluster for the inner lids
          NYX JEP in Milk as base
          Hot Pink from my matte palette on the crease and outer lower lids
Lips: Kat Von D Lipstick in Cathedral
         Nichido Lip liner in Rossette

*I forget to take a close up picture! Sorry ladies!

Moi with le bf! :)

Going home from the Makeup party with a different face makeup! ( read my event post to see why! )

Later in the event Ms. Myla Upshaw of MyMy Blog and Everything 'Bout The Girl said that wearing pink for that day was to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month for this month of October. :) 

I will be posting another entry for the makeup party once I finish watermarking all my photos... :)

What do you think of my OOTD? 

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