Saturday, October 6, 2012

DAY 8: Back to back Challenge

Makeup Challenge- DAY 8
What’s your favorite daytime look?

My favorite daytime look would have to be the "no makeup makeup look" :p

30 Day Challenge- DAY 8
What’s in my handbag/purse

My favorite bag is my Coach Ashley Horse & Carriage Carryall 

It is trimmed in leather and hardware with removable 33" leather shoulder strap. It also has a double leather handle with an  8" drop. What I love about this bag is that it has a large zippered compartment  in the middle that divides interior into 2 large compartments and each compartment side has magnetic snap closure. True to its word it can carry all that I need for an overnight. :) So without further ado, the contents of my carryall for today are: 

A roll of toilet paper
Sauflon eye drops
Cosmetic kit
Carried away hand and body lotion by Bath and Bodyworks
Dove moisturizing body spray
Car keys and House keys
Coin purse

What's inside my cosmetic kit with built in mirror? :)

Mpow powertube- gives my ipod ang phone extra juice when I suddenly have no battery
Kat Von D lippie in Cathedral
Maybelline Watershine Pure Naturals in 104
Olay moisturizer
Carmex- I suuuperrr love this now because the weather is causing my lips to get windburned
Baby lips by Maybelline
Elf liquid liner
EB Color Pencil in Brown
Kabuki brush
Gold hair comb
Big Black comb

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