Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sweet + smokey and Colorful Avant garde looks

Hi girls! :) I just wanted to share with you two make up looks which I submitted last July for a makeup contest by iambrigitte, click here to see the contest and the other entries. :) Although, I wasn't lucky enough to win because there were so many beautiful entries. :) I actually totally forgot that I have pictures of these two looks and I was browsing thru my pictures and I saw them so I thought of sharing them. :)

Anyway here are the pictures of the two makeup looks.

Sweet and smokey look:

Colorful Avant garde look:

Don't mind the falsies, they kept on falling off because at that time it was my first time trying out false eye lashes! :)

I still have to learn more about applying make up especially in creating avant garde looks. :) It was my first time to do these two looks. 

So which of the two did you like better? :)

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