Saturday, October 20, 2012

DAY 20: Back to back Challenge

Makeup Challenge- DAY 20
Favorite eyeshadow primer?

My favorite for now would have to be Urban decay eyeshadow primer, I have used in the Glaminar makeup workshops which I have attend, I still have to buy my own tube in the near future... :P But for now I have to be content with the one from ELF which is more affordable and easily available. 

30 Day Challenge- DAY 20
What are the 10 most significant events in your life?

  1. My first holy communion
  2. My graduation from elementary
  3. My graduation from high school
  4. My debut
  5. My graduation from college
  6. Being accepted into Med school
  7. Working in QMMC and STI-Megaclinic
  8. Mom and Dad's 25th Wedding anniversary
  9. Dad's death
  10. My graduation from PWU for my Masters Degree

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