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Glaminar Make Up Artistry Advanced workshop!

Hello there lovelies! Today I am going to share with you what happened yesterday (September 30) at Glaminar's Advanced Makeup Workshop Batch 1.  (oh yeah baby!! First Batch! ) 


I arrived at the venue (TM KALAW CENTER) at exactly 10 am, I was the last student to arrive... (again! tsktsk! I was also the last to arrive during our basic workshop)... 

Ms. Myla (the owner and managing director) of Glaminar gave me a few minutes to settle down before the workshop started. :) But instead of relaxing, the blogger in me instinctively got my camera first before taking a breather and I took a few photos of the workshop area and of course the 
"make up buffet"! 

The lovely sponsors of the workshop! Fabshopaholic! , Strip It, Carmex, Olay, and Virginia Olsen.

Virginia Olsen Products available at Fabshopaholic!

Carmex, Olay, Strip It, Kat Von D lippies, Beauty Cosmetics 20 pc brush sets.
(watch out for my reviews on some of these fab items!)

Ms. Myla busy preparing Ms. Ana's presentation. :)

The Makeup Buffet!!! (Oh how I wish I own all of these!) hihi

Our work stations! :) Look at how clean it looks here before we used it!

I am loving the leopard print table cloths! :)

Make up heaven! :)

Ms. Ana's work station

During the workshop I made new "blogger" friends! Yey! In the workshop I met Ana of, and Jhessica of

Ana, Jhessica and moi! :)
(Picture grabbed from Jhessica!)

I also met Janine of, Svetlani of and Ate gih. They were the models of Ms. Ana for that day. (Ohhh how I wish model din ako!hihi) 

Moi, Ana, Jhessica, and Janine. :)

But more importantly I met Ms. Ana Patricia Victorino! I was so star struck! She's so petite and pretty! I cannot help it but sometimes I catch myself just staring at her while she was teaching us!

My picture with my Idol!!! Ms. Ana Patricia!
She's really pretty don't you think? :)
(Thanks Svetlani for this picture!)

After a few minutes Ms. Ana started the workshop proper. The outline of the workshop is as follows:

Ms. Ana introduced herself, but of course we already knew who she was! hihihi (Super Fan girl mode on!)

We were taught three make up looks, the Bridal look, the "Pin-up girl" look, and lastly the Editorial.

The model for this look was gih. :)

Super pretty even without make up! :)

The finished look. <3

Pin up girl look! T
This time the model for this look was Janine.
Before shot

After shot... Seductive! with matching pouty lips! hihi

The editorial look.
For this look the pretty and petite Svetlani was the model.
I think this was the hardest look to model... hihi 

Svetlani with Ms. Ana

The finished look! So mesmerizing!
According to Ms. Ana her inspiration for this look was galaxy! :)
Svetlani looks like Queen Amidala here right? :)

Ms. Ana, demonstrated on the models how to do the looks and then we were asked to complete a face chart for each look. 

Blank Face chart

My finished face chart for the Bridal look...
(my first attempt in doing a face chart. Photo courtesy of Jhessica.)

After doing the face charts it was time for us to do the looks on our models. We were not able to bring our own models so we did it on ourselves... :)
I guess we all loved the pin-up girl look so much that we (Ana, Jhessica, and me) decided to do that look! :)  

Make up mayhem! hihi
(Photo courtesy of Svetlani)

Of course Ms. Myla kept our stomachs filled with the sumptuous lunch (my favorite was the super sweet dessert of "custaroons" from Parvati) and made sure that unlimited iced tea and water was available for the whole day... hihihi Thank you Ms. Myla! :)

After finishing our make up looks, we had to model our works! There were three photographers for the day (ang dami noh!) they were Ms. Grace Zapanta, Mr. Michael Dancel and Mr. Czyruz Baldovino. They were so helpful esp for newbies like me, they coached us on what poses to do. Just look at the finished products! ( photos c/0 Ms. Grace Zapanta) 

ADVANCE MAKE-UP WORKSHOP - Makeup by Ana Patricia
Model: Dainty MD
MUA: Dainty MD
Photographer: Grace Zapanta 
Venue: Glaminar Make Up Artistry 
TM Center Building, TM Kalaw Ave., Ermita Manila
contact: (0946) 536-7672

Bridal look
ADVANCE MAKE-UP WORKSHOP - Makeup by Ana Patricia 
Model: Gih Jackson
MUA/Instructor: Ana Patricia Victorino Mendoza
Photographer: Grace Zapanta 
Venue: Glaminar Make Up Artistry 
TM Center Building, TM Kalaw Ave., Ermita Manila
contact: (0946) 536-7672

Editorial look
ADVANCE MAKE-UP WORKSHOP - Makeup by Ana Patricia
Photographer: Grace Zapanta 
Venue: Glaminar Make Up Artistry 
TM Center Building, TM Kalaw Ave., Ermita Manila
contact: (0946) 536-7672


Pin-up girl look
ADVANCE MAKE UP WORKSHOP with Ana Patricia Victorino Mendoza 
MUA/Instructor: Makeup by Ana Patricia 
Venue: Glaminar Make Up Artistry 
TM Kalaw Building, TM Kalaw Ave., Ermita Mla.
Contact: (049) 536-7672

We were then given our certificates. But it didn't end there, Ms. Myla is super generous she gave us goody bags filled with make up! I especially loved the Virginia Olsen mineral make up samples and the Kat Von D lipstick! :) 

The goody bag! :)

Kat Von D lippie in Cathedral

All in all, it was a really fun day! I learned so much more on how to do make up for clients. So if you are an aspiring make up artist or you just want to broaden your knowledge on how to apply make up correctly join us and sign up now for these fabulous make up workshops by Glaminar Make up Artistry. Just contact Ms. Myla at email: or contact: (0946) 536-7672. And you can also LIKE Glaminar Make Up Artistry on Facebook! so you will be updated on the latest workshop schedules and promos.

My very dependable camera failed on me yesterday... Great timing... tsktsk! So most of the photos were grabbed from my new found friends... hihihi Photo credits to Jhessica, Janine, Svetlani and Ana! THANKS SO MUCH GIRLS! I was so lucky that I was in the midst of experienced bloggers who were very helpful! <3 <3 <3

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