Monday, October 8, 2012

NOTW: All cracked up!

This week I decided to try on Cracked nail polish. I was also getting tired of my long nails so I had it cut. I had this done at the salon, actually it was my mom's idea for me to try it out... I will be showing you by stage on how the manicurist did it... I think she used Sassy Nails Crackle glaze in black and a Caronia regular nail polish in Baby Pink.

Step 1: After cutting, filing and cleaning my nails she first applied 1 coat of base coat. 

Step 2: She put the regular pink nail polish and let it dry.

Pretty pink color right? :)

Step 3: Then she applied the Sassy crackle glaze in Black. She applied a thick coat in one direction and in just one stroke.

Nice random crackle designs... :) Could you see the nail polish peeling?
Step 4: Once the polish stops crackling or you get the desired crackles apply a top coat to seal it.

Cute! :)
The lady who did my nails told me that there are better brands of crackle glaze in the market and that there is a base color coat to be used specifically to get the best effect. As you can see the baby pink polish also cracked up and didn't show through the cracks correctly... And also the top coat should be applied thickly to avoid the crackle glaze from peeling off... But nevertheless it still looks cute and it isn't too hard to maintain because it is already meant to look ruined... hahaha :) I would have to buy my own crackle glaze polish maybe of a different brand from this one and do it on my own to see if I would achieve the same effect. :)

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