Saturday, October 20, 2012

BB cream Haul! :)

Hello girls! I am so happy today! why? Because the package I ordered from fellow blogger Ms. Aila Apolo (click here to go to her blog! See how she uses this BB cream in her beautiful makeovers! :D ) came today! :) If you guessed that I bought the very famous Encara BB cream, you guessed it right! :) Aside from the Emcara BB cream I also purchased 2 other BB creams, they are just sample sachets coz they still haven't officially released the products in the market. :) Yey! I think she told me that I would be one of the first few people to try these... hihi thanks Sis Aila! :)

Here are the contents of my package:

Encara BB cream, snail cream, snail BB and air light BB!
The Encara BB cream came  wrapped in bubble wrap and on the pack it says FRAGILE! So I know that my package was really handled with care! :) 

Instructions at the back of the box... :) The box is so kawaii right! It looks like a big diamond! :)

The tube, it is in a black matte sleek 50 g tube with a shiny brown cap.  Looks very sophisticated  and expensive. :)
I LOVE this packaging!

Instructions and ingredients on the back. :)

It also has a seal so I know that the product is fresh and new! :)

One tube of 50 grams costs Php 499! It is on 50% discount until supplies last so if you want to try this baby out go buy now! :) I already reserved another one for my up coming giveaway! :) I think I went on hoarding mode when she said that there are just a few tubes left so I reserved another one right away...haha

That's it for my new BB cream haul! I will post a product review once I have road tested these babies! :) Stay tuned ladies! :)

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