Thursday, October 25, 2012

DAY 26: Back to back Challenge

Makeup Challenge- DAY 26
Do you wear makeup everyday?

Nope! Absolutely not! I go out bare face most of the time with just moisturizer on. I know I am a beauty blogger but beauty does not always equate to a made up face. For me being confident and happy is enough to be beautiful everyday. :)

30 Day Challenge- DAY 26
What’s something you’re really excited for?

I am really excited with the coming months... I will be starting junior internship next month and then Christmas is also coming in less than 100 days I think which is my most favorite month of the year. :) I am also excited with the blog hop that my blogger friend Milna, then my upcoming giveaway and contest. :)

I do hope you are excited about this too! :) 

How about you ladies, what are the things that you are excited for? :) Care to share? :)

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