Tuesday, January 8, 2013


At long last the wait is over ladies!
First off, for our rafflecopter app CONSOLATION PRIZE WINNER...


 And now for our main prizes! I have the final scores and tallied everything.. :) 
And the winners are..... for the SECOND PRIZE... 
ENTRY #4: Green and Black Gradient by IYA BOTO!

 and for the FIRST PRIZE....
ENTRY # 2: Yellow and Bolt by JHESSICA RECTO

CONGRATULATIONS LADIES! :) Please email me within 48 hours with your full name, address and contact number to claim your prizes! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

JAJA A Christmas Giveaway Winners and A Dainty Holiday Makeup and Nail Art Finalist!

Hello lovelies! HAPPY NEW YEAR! The year 2012 was a great one for me and hopefully this year will be another great year! So to start of this year right let me announce the winners of my very first collab giveaway: The JAJA A Christmas Giveaway and I will also be announcing the 5 finalists for my Dainty Holiday Makeup and Nail Art Contest/Giveaway.

We are really overwhelmed with the almost 10K entries for this collab giveaway! Thank you for the L-O-V-E ladies! I hope you will continue supporting our blogs!

Without further ado, the JAJA A Christmas Giveaway the winners are:

This set of goodies go to: Kaye Orinoco

This second set of prizes goes to:  Pauchee Casimiro

While the third prize goes to: Jamaica Isabel

The following ladies will be getting the discount coupons from Unicorn Delight! 
Marzs Lugtu
Crysy Canete
Xynz Cana
Tart Carbon
Ricalyn Sicad


BTW, All winners for JAJA Chrostmas giveaway have 48 hours to email Jannie at parel.janna@gmail.com with their full name, address and contact number... Please use JAJA XMAS GIVEAWAY WINNER as your subject title. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify you from claiming your prize.

And now on to the finalists of the "A Dainty Holiday Makeup and Nail Art contest/giveaway"

For the consolation prizes, I will be announcing this together with the Final winners on Jan 3.

The Finalists are:

ENTRY #1: "One Starry Night" by Rica Marie Lañojan
Visit her blog entry here: http://akirahbabe.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/i-took-the-challenge_/

ENTRY #2 : "Yellow and Bolt" by Jhesicca Recto
Visit this link for her blog entry: http://jheswin25.tumblr.com/post/37830832149/entry-to-dainty-md

ENTRY #3 "Love in Mistletoe" by Eyah Ballada check out her blog entry: http://www.eyahnism.info/2012/12/entry-for-daintybbymd-holiday-and-nail.html

ENTRY #4 "Green and black gradient" by Iya Boto. Visit her blog entry here: http://iyaboto.blogspot.com/2012/12/look-christmas-time.html — with Iya Boto.

ENTRY #5 "Candy swirls" by Mitchie David. To see her blog post visit http://mitchiekyuti.blogspot.com/2012/12/my-entry-for-dainty-holiday-makeup-and.html

For a more detailed description of how they created the looks please click on the links provided. you can still vote for your favorite look on my facebook page (click here!)

The 5 semi-finalists will then be judged using the following criteria:
Relevance to the theme
The panel of judges are myself, Ms. Ana Victorino, Ms. Mymy Upshaw, Ms. Aila Apolo and one of my sponsors Glaminar Makeup Artistry. All decisions are final, and will be made at the discretion of the judging panel.
Stay Tuned for the winners on JAN 3!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dainty Holiday Makeup and Nail Art Contest/Giveaway UPDATE!

Hello ladies! It seems like 1 month isn't enough to gain a lot of entries... As of today, there are only two entries for the Makeup and Nail Art Contest... So to give others more time to submit their entries, I thought of extending the deadline. Instead of today, 12/15/12, I will be extending submission of entries up to December 31. For those who already submitted their entries don't worry these entries are already counted and I will be add you previous entries to the new rafflecopter app so you will still qualify for the giveaway... :) Same mechanics still applies.... (click here for the contest mechanics and rafflecopter app!

Announcement of winners will be on January 2, 2013. 

This contest is open for Philippine residents only.

Good luck Lovelies! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Skin care routine

Hi lovelies! Last month I have been receiving very plenty of remarks regarding my skin, some say that they really think I have no pores at all and one of my classmates even said that I look like I have "barbie like skin"! :) Some say that I am very lucky to have very good skin... I might say that I am lucky, I seldom have pimples and when I do I don't touch it and prick them I just let them be and they go away on their own. I credit this mostly on my genes, my mom has the same skin type as mine and she also rarely have pimples. But I would have to say that my skin care routine also contributes to my having really good skin too... so do you want to know what I use? Here are my usual skin care routine products...

I rarely use facial cleansers or wash this month because I am recently loving this gluta strawberry milk bar from Flawless Beauty Online. I let it foam on a facial towel and use it to wash my face. I may say that this soap helped make my skin become more radiant and soft... :)

After cleansing I use a toner, my toner this month is Rose Fairy from watsons, it has a faint smell of rose water and it has a very light non alcohol feel to it. then I follow it with Celeteque Eye brightener and Celeteque water based moisturizer.  But at nighttime I substitute the moisturizer with Shu Uemura's Phyto black lift.

There you go! That's my simple everyday skin care routine... :) How about you, what's your skin care routine? :) 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

NOTW: Blue lace

Hi ladies! :) It has been a long time since I did my nails though I kept my nails short this time... I used my favorite water nail decals. I decided to use this blue lacey pattern, not too loud not too subdued... :) What do you think of this design?

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Christmas Giveway!

Hello Ladies! Long time no see huh?!? Well to be honest I have been very busy mostly with school work... Hopefully this December my schedule would permit me to blog more... Crossing fingers! :) So to start of this month with a bang, I am really excited to announce my very FIRST COLLABORATION GIVEAWAY! :)

Together with my fellow beauty bloggers Jannie of Jannieology, Jaja of Beauty Colada and Ana of Analysisofmylife we are having A Christmas Giveaway! :) 

So without further ado, here are the prizes!

and there will also be 5 consolation prize winners who will get a 5% off coupon from Unicorn Delight!

So what are you waiting for ladies?!? Just follow all the instructions on the rafflecopter app! :) Make sure to read and follow the instructions carefully ladies to avoid invalid entries. :) Goodluck! :)

BTW ladies my Dainty Holiday Makeup and Nail art contest is still ongoing! :) More prizes from a sponsor to be announced anytime soon! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Look what came in the mail today

Hi ladies! I was so excited to get home from duty because I was expecting 2 packages. :) Lookie here ladies! These are just some of the prizes for the makeup and nail art contest!

Encara BB cream from Makeup by Aila Apolo

Soaps from Flawless Beauty Online

Some of the prizes for my makeup and nail art contest!

The prizes are starting to come from my very lovely sponsors, expect more to come ladies! I am still waiting for two other sponsors packages... Yipee! :) And also I am going to tell you a little something about my guest judges, though I am not going to tell who they are just yet, its a surprise! :) 

My sponsors for these lovely prizes are:

Myrskin and Makeup by Aila Apolo for the Encara BB cream

Flawless Beauty Online for the Kojic Soap and Slimming soap.