Monday, October 1, 2012

DAY 2: Back to back challenge!

Make up Challenge- DAY 2
How did you learn to put on makeup?

I learned putting on makeup by watching youtube videos! I especially love watching Kandee Johnson, Goss Makeup Artist, Michelle Phan and Ms. Ana Patricia!

Click on their names below to visit their youtube channels! :)

Ms. Ana Patricia 

Goss Makeup artist

Kandee Johnson

Michelle Phan

30 Day Challenge- DAY 2
20 of my favorite things

I have sooo many favorite things but I am limited to share only 20, so here they are:

  1. Chocolates- these are my bestfriends... hihi I super love chocolates, When I was younger I wished to visit Willy Wonka's factory so I could drink from the river of chocolate! My mom said "pinaglihi" nya kmi lahat sa chocolate... good thing though is that we didn't become as dark as the chocolate but we got her sweet tooth as well...
  2. Pizza- ooohhh my... just thinking of the gooey mozzarella cheese on top of the crust and tomato sauce makes me soooo hungry!
  3. Cheese- Maybe I was a mice in my previous life because I super love anything with cheese!
  4. Carbonara- this is my favorite pasta sauce, I like it better than any red sauce!
  5. Noodles- I prefer eating noodles rather than eating rice!
  6. Sweets- As I said I have a sweet tooth, I blogged about this before... :) I can't leave the mall without buying at least a small bag of sweets! :)
  7. Durian- Some people may not like this fruit because of the smell but I really don't find it's smell offensive (weird!) I really like it! It has a very unique taste. :)
  8. Strawberries- This is one of my favorite fruits of all time! I love everything with strawberries in it! :)
  9. Pringles- This is my favorite potato chips. Enough said... :)
  10. Cheese popcorn- I most especially like the ones in SM cinema food stalls. I can't watch a movie without buying popcorn... :) Sometimes even when I will not be watching a movie and I happen to pass by the cinema, the smell of newly popped corn would waft through my nostrils and ... viola... I would be buying one already... hahaha
  11. Cooking... and eating!- I fancy myself sometimes as a chef. Maybe if I didn't choose to become a doctor I would choose to be a chef or a food critic. :)
  12. Hello Kitty- who doesn't like hello kitty?!? 
  13. Puppies- I just couldn't resist those cute little puppies! I want 10 puppies!!!! 
  14. Heels- Maybe because of my short stature I tend to compensate for it by wearing heels, even though they aren't the most comfy footwear to be invented ever... hihihi
  15. My laptop- I need my laptop and internet of course!
  16. My Ipod- it is really very handy and it contains all the stuff I need esp for school and blogging of course.
  17. My total pillow- I could sleep for hours with this pillow!
  18. My makeup collection- I just love looking at all the different colors and I love creating different looks using makeup. :)
  19. Books- books bring me to different worlds... :) and it creates different possibilities for us! :)
  20. Scrub suits- I love wearing scrubs even though I am not on duty because they are just plain comfy... I own about 30 pairs of scrubs already! :)

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