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Product review: Strip it Hair removal sugaring

Product review
Strip it
Hair removal Sugaring Kit

photo credits to Strip it
Hello there lovelies! :) Last September 30 when I attended the Glaminar Advanced workshop Ms. Myla gave me this trial kit of Strip it Hair removal sugaring. This would be a really late product review because I wanted to use it a couple of times first to really see the effect... :) When I saw it at first I did not know what to do with it or rather how to use it... I am used to just shaving or tweezing my underarm hair... Aside from the fact that I was afraid of the pain that I was anticipating, it even gave me nightmares... haha  So I finally had the courage to use it after a few days, luckily I was just too lazy the week before to shave my underarms, (I know I know its yucky!) so it was just the right time to try this baby out...haha Kidding aside, when I opened the paper bag I saw that it has instructions included so I read it a few times just to be sure that I would be doing it correctly. Then the curious me gave in and I opened the tub and started smelling the product... hihi It was very sweet, I almost put it in my mouth! haha Anyway, before subjecting myself to this sugaring thing I also went online to do my research... I found their website and found several tips on how to use it although most are already in the instruction packet included. 

(* The following information are from the website of Strip it!)

I saw on the site that this tub comes in 3 sizes: 100g , 200g, and 350g. And each size has a different colored tub for easy identification, which is as follows:

100g - light pink
200g - white
350g - dark pink
photo credits to Strip it

When you buy, each package would include the Sugaring Wax, an instruction manual, 1 wooden applicator - Reusable (Spatula), and 2 long sheets of Reusable Cloth (Can make up to 12 strips).

According to them waxing would cause less chicken skin, and this would also promote skin lightening because of the calamansi in the solution and it is also moisturizing because of the honey, and also with regular use the hair would be thinner and sparser.

It is also "SAFE TO USE ON ANY PART OF THE BODY" such as the face , legs, underarms, bikini line or even Brazilian waxing!


photo credits to Strip it
Tagalog version: (also from their website)

"Siguraduhing malinis at tuyo ang balat. Powder-an ng konti kung oily ang balat. 
*Ang buhok ay dapat (one-fourth inch) long o kaya katumbas ng isang linggong hindi pag-shave 
• Gamit ang spatula, i-apply STRIP IT sa balat, sundan ang direksyon kung paano tumutubo ang iyong buhok. 
Dapat ay naka-flat ang balat para lubusang malagyan ang “area”. 
• Itapal/ipatong ang tela . Idiin sa balat at haplusin ng 5 beses.
Mag-iwan ng maliit na space sa dulo para sa paghila. 
Banatin ang balat. Mabilisan at pwersahang hilain ang tela sa kabilang direksyon .

Gawin ito ng mabilis at malapitan sa balat..huwag hilain palayo sa balat. Huwag patagalin ang Strip It sa balat dahil ito ay matutunaw at di gagana. Ilang Segundo lamang ang paggawa nitong proseso. 

• Kung may kaunting matirang buhok pwede i-wax ulit o kaya bunutin.
• Punasan ang balat ng mamasa-masang tuwalya (damp cloth).
Ang makikitang pamumula ay normal reaction, mawawala din pagkalipas ng 1 oras.

• Siguraduhing malinis ang kamay, damit at paligid.
• Mas maiging mag-wax sa pakonti-konting bahagi para hindi gaanong masakitan. 
• Sa bikini area, gupitin ang buhok at magtira ng ½ inch para maiwasan ang tangling and discomfort. 
• Kung minsan ang buhok ay tumutubo sa iba’t ibang direksyon, sundan ang bawa’t isa nito. 
Hal. Sa kilikili / underarms i-apply ang Strip It pataas at hilain ng mabilis pababa. 
At gawin naman ang kabaliktaran.
• Ang wooden spatula and cloth strips ay magagamit muli. Banlawan lamang at patuyuin. 
• Kung gusting initin ang Strip It, gamitin ang microwave at initin ng 5-10 segundo lamang. Siguraduhin na ang wax ay maligamgam lang para hndi makapaso. 
• Huwag hugasan/basain , gamitan ng alcohol, creams, astringent o deodorant sa loob ng 8 oras matapos mag wax.
Ang iyong pores ay open sa mga oras na ito at maaring ma-clog (mabarahan) . Maaaring gumamit ng Emu oil for skin repair o kaya Soothing Aloe Vera gel (parehong non-comedogenic o di nakakabara ng “pores”). 
(Mas maiging gumamit ng Strip It pgkatapos maligo at bago matulog)."

How I used the strip it sugaring kit:
* please bear with my pics I was using my ipod... :p And just don't mind my big legs, I know I have man-thighs... hehe I think I got this from too much dancing.... :(

Here is my sugaring kit...

It has a very thick consistency, not too runny but a bit gooey.  It smells really sweet too. (I was tempted to taste it on some occasions... hihi)
Here is a picture of my leg, before sugaring. For your reference I have very sparse and fine hair on the legs. Before applying the sugar I make sure that the area is clean and dry.
I then apply the Strip It! Sugaring in the direction of hair growth.

I then place the cloth strip on the area and rub it a few times so that it will adhere to the sugar. According to the website the cloths are reusable, just soak it in water to remove the solution and air dry. But I didn't intend to reuse the strips because it would be too tedious to wash it out then dry it, anyway there are cloth strips like this available at Watsons which retails for about Php 22 per pack of 10 I think. :)

Now here comes the hard part... The pulling... I immediately strip off the cloth going on the opposite direction of how I appplied the sugar solution. OUCH! It just stinged a little bit at first but the I got used to it after... For me surprisingly, it is actually LESS painful than tweezing!  (I really thought that this would hurt bigtime! I even had nightmares before I used this that my skin would peel off with the sugar... but boy was I wrong... It was really fun to do... haha)

And here is the end result, smooth silky legs... hihi :) I just use a damp cloth to remove the extra sugar... :) I know you wouldn't be able to appreciate it in this picture but trust me it feels like a baby's butt! hihi

BTW I first used this on my underarms and I got really good results way better than tweezing or shaving! I really love it!!! The hair grew back after about 2-3 weeks, I still haven't noticed if it was sparser but it was less coarse and it wasn't itchy when it grew back... :p


  • Made from all natural ingredients.
  • Hypoallergenic, my sensitive skin did not react to it, just a little redness after but subsided immediately. :) (as you my dear readers would know I have skin asthma... boohoo!)
  • Has a very sweet smell! It actually reminds me of arnibal, that sweet sugary concoction used when you eat suman or mixed in with hot cocoa drinks in the provinces... Try to avoid tasting this tough, I am not quite sure if this is edible... BUT IT REALLY IS TEMPTING! :)
  • Less painful! From a scale of 1-10 on the wong-baker scale it would be a 2... :)

  • It comes in a cute tub, though some may have issues with this regarding hygiene but of course you should not share your tub with others! 
  • The cloth included is reusable (washable)... you can reuse it if you don't have the time to buy new ones or you could use other types of cloths which are sturdy enough and could absorb the sugaring solution.
  • Yields better results than shaving or tweezing! The skin feels smooth and soft after. :) 
  • Hair grew after about 2-3 weeks, so it means more hair free days for us! :)
  • I still did not notice any whitening effect though but maybe with regular use my pits would definitely look better... :) 

  • May be too gooey and messy for some people... I suggest you ask your sister, friend or hubby to do this for you if you find it a bit hard to apply... :)

  • YES! Definitely! I would recommend this to my friends who would want to do sugaring at home.

or you can contact Ms. Myla of fabshopaholic for inquiries on how to order!

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