Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nails of the week! :)

Hello lovelies! Its a nice sunny sunday today! I hope you are having a nice day also. :) Here are the pictures for my very first NOTW post. :) 

      Very pretty and dainty right? My mom looked at it and told me that my nails look like porcelain! :)

             I really love the tea roses design on the white background, they really do look like porcelain. :) I wore this design because I was anticipating the wedding that I was to attend within the week so that these would match the dress that I was going to wear. :) 
              So you are maybe wondering how I did this, I actually used water nail decals some actually call these as nail wraps. I super love them because it was very easy to put on and it doesn't feel thick and gunky like the other type of nail decal which looks very much like stickers. These water nail decals can come in a pre-cut form or in an uncut version but I like the precut version because it fit my nail shape perfectly. I bought these water nail decals at divisoria for only 20 pesos  for one set! Very cheap right?!? The set contains 12 pre-cut nail decals and a small nail file. Getting 12 of the decals of different nail sizes means that there is some room for error especially when it is your first time in using these type of decals. :) The ones I bought are generic ones from china but I think they also have these in UK from the brand " Viva la nails" (see Wet and wild also has these nail decals but I think it is more of the nail sticker type unlike this which are water decal type. I still have to buy and try out the wet and wild ones so I can do a comparison. :)

           For the base I used China Glaze base coat according to their website (see "Strong Adhesion Base Coat, Increases wear-ability of nail lacquer, decreases chipping from underneath and it is DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde Free" and for the top coat I used the China Glaze patent leather top coat, the "Patent Leather Top Coat provides high-gloss shine with enhanced protection against chipping, it contains 40% more polymers than a regular formula to create a "wet look" to any lacquer, increased durability, extending the wear of manicures and pedicures and it is also DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde Free"

                                      credits to for the photos! :)

               I actually put these babies on last sunday and it still is actually as pretty as the first day I put them on. Some say that these water decals can last for one to two weeks, and I can say that it is true! I haven't done any retouching of some sort with the top coat and still its as shiny as ever! I really love these! I think the key here is to use a really good top coat. I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did! :) I will be posting a separate "How-to" blog post for this for you in the coming week so stay tuned girls! Lots of love!:) Mwah! :*

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