Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Make up 101: Brows

 Make up Basics 101: BROWS 

      If our hair are our “crowning glory” then consider your brows as your “framing glory”. Your eyebrows may make or break your make up look because the brows frame your face. It is a must that you keep your eyebrows clean and noticeable. But remember that not everyone has perfectly symmetrical brows, they may look alike but they are not similar just like twins... 

        So how do we get the perfect eyebrow shape? Where should your brows should start and end? Here is a simple trick that most makeup artists use. 

My brows before... it is close to none existent... right?

First of prepare the items which you will need to groom your brows. 

Chopstick , shaver, baby scissors, spoolie, eyebrow pencil
Then follow these simple steps in grooming and shaping your brows: 

 1. Look straight into a mirror then holding a thin stick or a thin pencil place it vertically by the bridge of your nose just outside of your nostrils, this is where your eyebrows should start.

2. Then slightly angle it towards the outer edge of your eye this is where your eyebrow should end.

3. To find the arch of your eyebrow line up the stick to the outer edge of your iris. 


    If you like you can draw lines using an eyebrow pencil to where your natural brow should be, and then pluck out any hairs that fall outside of these lines. But often times the areas which have been plucked don’t grow hair anymore so if you are still not sure of the perfect eyebrow shape that you want it would be best to stay away from plucking or threading and try shaving first. 

       If you prefer plucking pull the hair swiftly in the direction of their growth, this will prevent ingrown hairs or too large open pores. Also it is best to avoid plucking too much from the top since it will flatten your brows. 

      After removing the stray hairs you must then trim those hairs which are long and tend to extend beyond your eyebrow shape. To do this you must use a spoolie and small scissors. Brush the brow hairs in an upward direction towards the forehead then trim off the excess hairs extending beyond the lines which you made.

         There you now have groomed your brows. Fill it in with pencil, wax or powder, whichever you prefer and try to avoid over filling or what some call as "scouse brows". 

Comparison shot

the left brow was groomed while the right was not




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