Monday, September 24, 2012

Unexpected monthsary gift! :)

Hi ladies two weeks ago I celebrated my birthday and our monthsary... :) and I got this tiny package from my bf... I was really surprised because he wento to ETUDE House all by himself and picked out these kikay items for me! hihi 

He got me the following items:

1 aloe moistfull face mask
1 magplay nail polish
1 mag play magnet
2 falsies- 1 wonder volume and 1 long lash

I still haven't tried the mask on, maybe next week... I love how the falsies look, both have clear lash bands which is why it looks really natural when I put them on, I love them to bits! :) But I still haven't tried using the glue that came wih it, I used ardell lash grip coz I am currently testing it out since I will be doing a product review on it maybe next week and also stay tuned for the how to on the magnetic nail polish and a how to apply false eyelashes! :)

Till next time ladies! :) 

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