Saturday, September 29, 2012

NOTW: Barbie inspired nails

Hi lovelies! :) For this week I feel happy and girly so I decided to do Barbie inspired nails. :) For this I used Chic Grainy Glaze in Siam. It is a pink polish with pink sandy sparkles. Its sooo pretty and really texteured, for this kind of polish a top coat is not needed because it is textured. :) Then I used multi colored caviar for my accent nails (my ring finger nail on the left hand and my pinky finger nail on the right).

Left hand

Right hand
Isn't it pretty? I am reminded to Barbie whenever I see a pretty pink color that's why I called this Barbie inspired nails.. :)

Does it look good on me? I sure hope so! :)

I really liked the consistency of the chic nail polish, it was very easy to apply and it was very buildable. I used only 2 coats here and the color pay off was really good! And I super love the texture, I can't stop touching my nails! :)

Have you tried this polish yet girls? :) Share your experience. :) Would you like a tutorial on how to do the caviar nails? :)

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