Thursday, September 6, 2012


         Hello lovelies! :) I am very excited because this will be my very FIRST BLOG POST! So to start off I would like to introduce myself to all of you my dear readers. I am "Pau" but you can call me by my blog pseudonym "Dainty". I am a Registered Nurse, with a Masters in Nursing Administration, and now I am a Medical student from Manila. I enjoy painting, cooking, surfing the net, taking pictures, tinkering with my techie gadgets, playing with my dogs, doing my nails and doing make-up. These are actually my outlets, a way to unleash the creative side of me. These are just some of the things that I enjoy doing to unwind and relax after a very "toxic" (tiring) day in med school.  

         So you are probably wondering why did I start blogging and why do another "beauty blog" when there are a lot of them already? Here's why... :) I first got interested in make up when I saw several make up tutorials in youtube, when I was about to graduate from my Masteral studies (which was about 2 years ago... hehe). Back then I wanted to try doing my own make up for a change, instead of going to the salon to have my make up done by the professionals since it is really expensive and I have a few make up lying around in my dresser. So while I was watching the videos I got really curious  and started to do several make up looks myself and I ENJOYED IT! And this started my "love affair" with make up! :) Everytime I went to the mall I always made sure to drop by the cosmetics section in the department store, watson's, hbc, beauty bar, etc... and everytime I went home I always have a "little" baggie with me which contained my haul for the day... It really made me happy everytime I open a new make up product be it a lip balm or a new brush or a new eyeshadow... HAAAY... The smell of new make up really makes me giddy! :D But then it did not stop there! hehe I started to get interested in reading reading several beauty related blogs, I read product reviews, make up hauls,etc.. and I told myself "Hey I can also do this!" So started my obsession with starting my very own blog... and the rest is history...:)   

           I am starting this blog this month because I wanted it to be really memorable for me. And today is exactly 5 days from my birthday! YeY! This will be my advanced birthday gift for myself. :) Now enough about myself, let me tell you a few things about what you can read on my blog. Basically, I will be blogging about make up and nail art, I am not an expert yet but I will try my best to share with you several tips and tricks on how to apply make up and also nail art stuff. I will be posting FOTD, EOTD, NOTW (coz I can't change my nail polish daily), product reviews and hauls as much as I can and be rest assured that my opinions will be unbiased since most of the products I will be posting are bought from my own money or given to me as gift by my relatives from abroad. :) I will also be sharing with you several health tips regarding skin care, just to share with you several things that I learn from med school... :) 

           BTW, My favorite beauty blogs or what I call as my "make up inspirations" are posted on the left side so that you can visit their blogs also. ( Hi sis Chel of allaboutbeingglam!, Ms. Say Tioco Artillero, and Ms Ana Victorino... :) ) My favorite online shopping sites will also be posted on that side of the page in a few days time so stay tuned... 

So there! I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and share it also with your family and friends. :) You can leave your comments below or in the chat box on the right side. Stay happy and lovely dearies!:)

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